how we do it

We produce great strategy.  We design great implementation.  We stay up at night worrying about your problems.  We will help you do the right things better, because if you don’t know how to execute, the best intentions and best strategy are useless.  Strategy without implementation is nothing but a pretty book on a shelf.  Implementation without strategy is chasing your tail. 

We will give you the tools you need to realize your vision.  We will help you pull the best ideas out of your pile of good ideas.  We will prioritize your efforts and provide detailed work plans and practical advice that you can actually follow.  We will supply the kind of experience and analysis you need to focus on the things you can do best, and we will stick around until the job is done.

We know that great strategy in a pretty PowerPoint presentation doesn’t do anyone any good if it doesn’t help your team know what to do differently.  We leave our clients with great tactics and with work plans, staff buy-in, and an understanding of what it takes to make Real Change.  (And our phone numbers, emails, and acceptable hours for calls from inspired clients.)

We’ve been educated at top business schools.   We’ve had decades of experience in all kinds of industries, from start-ups to growth companies to shrinking companies and everything in between.  We’ve done corporate and we’ve done nonprofit.  We’ve done restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, fundraising, and recruiting.  We’ve increased shareholder value and we’ve made the world just a little bit better (not necessarily at the same time).  You name it, we’ve done it.  And now, we want to do it for you.

So how do you get started?  Call us.  We believe in spending the time up-front to really understand your challenge and telling you honestly whether we can help – or whether we know of someone else who can help more, faster.  Once we agree on a scope, we tailor our approach and our team to your needs.